“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”- Albert Einstein

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Gee Albert, thanks.

Ok so, it’s been 7 days. I’m still being crap at this. but I’m going to try harder… even if I have to set a damn alarm for ‘blogging time’, though I think when I get to Japan, I’ll be on here a lot more.

Anyway, went to see the King Tut exhibit at the MN Science museum with my mom today, then we went to Black Forest Inn in Minneapolis for dinner. Best. Reuben. Sandwiches. EVER.

Then we came home. I’m tired. And I have to go to another stupid doctors appointment tomorrow. I’m getting sick of it. That’s for sure, also of this 85+ degree weather every day… all it does is makes me sweat… ugh.

Bleh. Love you guys long time. XOXO, Jinx


“Malice is always authentic and sincere.” – Mason Cooley

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1. Spent the day hanging out with family and friends… or well ‘friend’ as there was only one of him. lol
2. Tomorrow is going to be fun.
3. Pandora keeps on steeling my skips.
4. Those hidden heel shoes are hideous and should be banished from the face of the planet. (see 5.)
5. Along with Lady Gaga.

I’m trying to be here more, sorry. I’m just mentally flinging around… and really busy doing stuff.

I’ll try harder. Love you guys long time. XOXO, Jinx

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

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Nothing was built here today.

That’s for sure.

Slow day, nothing really got done.
Working with some stressful stuff that has to do with school and finances.
I’ll talk about it tomorrow maybe. I’m tired. Want sleep.

Later days, love you guys long time. XOXO, Jinx.

“There are no ordinary moments.” – Dan Millman

•June 29, 2011 • 2 Comments

Unless you’re me. I’ve had a pretty ordinary yet busy day.

Went with mom to get the stitches out of my leg.
Then we went to go eat at The Original Pancake House.
Then we went over to a little french bakery called Chez Arnaud and got some sweets.
THEN… we traveled over to Lowe’s to pick up some stuff for mom’s birdbath project.
My aunt met us there, I picked up a couple things as well, a new light fixture for my room and an awesome 50oz. Bubba Mug that is currently sitting right next to my laptop being awesome keeping my ice and water icy and watery.
We skipped over to Costco which is in the same gallery. Mom picked up a couple chairs for the deck to replace some that had broken. I just got a bag of my favorite Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate candy and a Mary Janice Davidson ‘Undead’ series book.
After that, Mom had to stop at the county place. Then we went home.

Yeah, pretty much. Boring.

Now I’m watching V for Vendetta, eating chocolate, and talking to you. Whoever you are.
I might have something to post tomorrow. Or at least a work in progress.

But yeah, I’m done for tonight. Love you guys long time. XOXO, Jinx.

“We make our own fortunes and we call them fate.” – Benjamin Disraeli

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So, no picture today. Sorry. I just never had a time to pull out the camera really.

But I had a thought. I’m an American. And I’m one of those Americans who are pretty sick and tired of watching the rest of the world blame us for everything. Stuff is still pretty rocky here. Especially in my state, where we’re facing a government shut down on July 1st if they don’t figure out the budget.

Things aren’t good. But we’re still the greatest nation on the planet. Yes, we do and have done a lot of stupid shit. We’ve tried to control other countries whether for the benefit of the US or the safety of our allies. The world is a big place with lots of room to fuck up in it. I’m not making excuses for my country. But the fact of the matter is this… we as a nation, are the greatest social climbers since Cinderella. We might be flagging, we might look a little punch drunk lately. But I think other nations would be unwise to think we’re falling out of the ring. We clawed our way up the damn ladder, fighting dirty the entire way. What makes you think we won’t grab our enemies by the balls on the way down? Think about the nation you are talking about? We came to this country and basically stole it and gave those we stole it from casino’s in repentance… we are a nation that will cut your god damn breaks and then give you directions to the hill that ends in a ravine. We are not Rome. We will not fall silently under China the Red. And if other countries have a single thought that China’s helping hand is greater than the U.S.A.’s I suggest they look into how China manages their people’s freedoms and their Prisons. In fact, I might just say that some of the worst torture techniques used at Guantanamo Bay were Chinese techniques. Now couple that with a country who pisses on human rights. Oh yes, they’re WAY better than the US.

I guess, I just needed to get this off my chest after reading comments on a news site that were anti-USA. Tonight, I will go to sleep knowing that my generation is going to come into power soon. And we are a generation of people who are pissed off at other nations for all the shit they dumped on our doorstep. The problems they have screamed out for us to fix. The aid they cried for. The protection they begged for. And then those who turned around and called us liars, war mongers, tyrants, and scream for my nation to fall. We are not as stupid as the rest of this world thinks we are. In fact, if we do not have the most intelligent minds here for something… we bring them here. Or they come. We may complain about illegal immigrants, but the fact that we still complain about them means one thing. That we are still the country that people want to come to, hell or high water.  We are the strong, the brave, and the free. If we cannot find a way through the shit we are in. We will make one. I’m an American, and I believe in my country. Right or wrong. Tonight I will go to sleep knowing that we aren’t down for the count, we just need a rest. Tomorrow, we will get up and beat some ass.

*Salutes* Love you guys long time. XOXO – Jinx

There’s no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves. – Frank Herbert

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Should have some fun pictures to post later.

Going to the wave pool today, should be a great time if the kids behave. I even tried to bribe the weather and everything. 😀 It’ll be good to get out of the house for longer than… an hour. This medical crap is depressing me and when I get like that it just seems like I’d rather become hermit hibernator than sunny socialite. Although that gets me yelled at by my best friend. >__>

Oh well, will try to post some pictures tonight or tomorrow. I still have that post about future plans to work on. Not sure why I’m procrastinating so hard on it. Meh.

Oh well, love you guys long time. XOXO – Jinx.

“The pain of the mind is worse than the pain of the body” – Publilius Syrus

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I’m really kind of sick of having a body that essentially is sabotaging itself. Rheumatoid Arthritis has been wreaking havoc on my body for years and 20 some odd years of it is starting to take it’s toll on my mind. Not mentally or anything, just feel like I’ve been kicked one too many times by this stupid disease. My right elbow is screwed up, now I’ve got shit on the side of my leg that may not even go away with treatment, my immune system can’t be trusted to work the way it should, my metabolism is just ridiculously slow. I’m 25 years old but many of my joints look like those of someone twice my age.

I’m honestly sick of it. Instead of doing science on stupid shit, like making glow in the dark puppies, scientists should be figuring out a way to fix people who’s bodies work against them.

Sorry for the crappy blog. I didn’t know what else to say, this has been my day. Finding out biopsy results, getting my stitches checked, then sulking about how my body is a piece of shit and if I could trade it in for a new one I would.

Anyway, Love you guys long time. XOXO – Jinx.