Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it. – C. R. Swindoll

•March 18, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Soooo, Hi?

It’s been eight months since the last time I said anything here. Been living in Japan, watching the world work from a different point of view. I’m going home in a month + few days. I’ve been busy though, really busy. It’s not that I haven’t had time to sit down and write here, it’s just that I haven’t had the desire. I figured I’d shame myself back into writing here though. I need it more for myself then anyone else. I need to get my thoughts out of my head and somewhere else. That’s how it usually works, right? I used to write every day when I was a teenager, though I think that’s because there was more wrong then. I needed to get all that horrible crap out of my system.

Wow, this turned more serious than I was expecting it to be. >_> I should stop that and get back to working on other crap. Hopefully now that I sucked it up and wrote something here… I’ll be back. Though, I’m seeing this horrible ‘I suck at blogging’ trend through the last entries I made here… so… I don’t think I’ll make any promises.

XOXO – Jinx


All’s Well that Ends Well – Shakespeare

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Nothing much to say.

Older brother is going into surgery tomorrow for his back.
Kind of a major thing.
A little worried.

I hope all goes well.

Love you guys long time. XOXO, Jinx.


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I have this feeling if I keep coming back here and typing something…

it will get easier.

It might be, a little… anyway, been falling in love with this band, Dirty Three, got their Ocean Songs album and have been listening to it pretty much all day. It’s all instrumental and just, awesome.

But yeah, this is all. 3 weeks until I leave for Japan, heaven help me.

Love you guys long time. XOXO, Jinx

*Insert applicable quote here*

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Tired. But I’m here!

Though, I have nothing really to say.

But I made it here! That MUST count for something.

I need sleep. Night night.

Love you guys long time, XOXO. Jinx.

“Quotes are nothing but inspiration for the uninspired.” Richard Kemph

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Ugh, I just have nothing to say. I wish I did.

I’m just lacking motivation right now. Been watching Firefly, kind of just been.
Tomorrow I’m going to work for my mom’s friend.
She needs someone to run her shop while she’s out of town.
I hope to go see Captain America tomorrow. But we’ll see.
I just can’t seem to get out of this weirdness.

Love you guys long time, XOXO, Jinx.

“Experience is what allows us to repeat our mistakes, only with more finesse!”

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Yes, I know, I fail at blogging here! I know!

And no, the stupid computer alarm did not work.
But I suppose… it doesn’t help when you aren’t here to hear it.

And then I forgot about it. Blah.
So, anyway, I’ve just been kind of busy getting things on the road for Japan. Visa and passport should be coming back to me sometimes next week. I leave August 15th and will come back April 18th, 2 days before my nieces Birthday.

Jeez, I guess I’m just not feeling that talkative right now. I’ve got mixed feelings about going. I wish I was more excited for it. I am excited, but I’m like… “Oh gawd, what have I gotten myself into. WHAT!?” a lot. So yeah.

I’m going to try to come back tomorrow again.
Love you guys long time, XOXO, Jinx.

“Damn everything but the circus.” – Corita Kent

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Argh! I’m so crap at this! Computer timer it is!

Ok, so… my CoE for my Visa is in the mail on it’s way to me. As soon as I get that, I can get my visa, then I go to Japan in August. Come home April 18th. I’m having ‘what have I gotten myself into’ moments. It’s scary. I’m going by myself and all that crap. So… yeah. Terror.

Bleh, I set this timer thingy for 9:30. You’ll know if it works or not, cause I’ll come back to blog if it does. Otherwise… I might forget.